Visualize Kontakt Library – #1 For High Quality Sounds |Trap|R&b|Hip-Hop|EDM|

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Visualize Kontakt Library!

“Our job as music producers is to make music people can feel, to take listeners on a journey”






Powerful, Beautiful, Different Sounds


The main goal with this library was to create sounds and instruments that could easily capture feelings and emotions when being played. With over 150 UNIQUE sounds, this library will blow you AWAY!

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Visualize Kontakt Library Run Down...


Arps, samples/chops, bass, bells, flutes.
Guitars, keys, leads, synth keys.
Pads, plucks, strings & vox.




FX include:

Amp envelope, filter envelope, filter, custom reverb, glide.
Arpeggiator, delay, eq & phaser, flanger, glitch.

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5 reviews for Visualize Kontakt Library – #1 For High Quality Sounds |Trap|R&b|Hip-Hop|EDM|

  1. LasheaS

    heat per usual!

  2. Danny Richard

    IDK how yall do it, but keep doing it! I put people onto bigwerks every session I have.

  3. EddieBoi

    BIGWERKS = best kontakt banks lol

  4. Load Da Keys

    the interface is so good & the sounds are some of your best ..good stuff!

  5. Tremain Grant

    its still coming up as demo tho

  6. bigwerks123

    yes, it’s because you are using the player version of kontakt instead of the full version.
    Once you upgrade the demo limitations will go away.

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