808 GODS\KINGS kontakt libraries


These 808s were designed for music producers looking for deep 808’s and 808 kicks. We fine-tuned every sound in this library to create the best possible “knockin pictures off ya wall” type 808’s!

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Link to Download DEMO

808 GODSKINGS kontakt libraries 2


808 GODS Kontakt Library

We took time with every sample to give it it's own unique character and feel... From smooth to punchy 808's processed and a high quality while being very attentive to the small details has led to the berth of "808 GODS" a kontakt library filled with 50 808's and ground rumbling bass samples.



Glide - Mono, Legato
ADSR controls
Filter - LP, HP
4 Band EQ

DEMO LINK below with a small portion of sounds… Check it out and if you like its
plenty more high quality sounds in the full version!




808 KINGS Kontakt Library

A huge kontakt library with a ton of different 808s.
We made 808s for every situation and style of beat and also tuned every 808 so you never have to worry
about being in the right key. Lastly we did something different, we designed 20 808s and layered them with hits
to create some dope 808s.



-A.D.S.R Controls
-LFO Controls

808 GODSKINGS kontakt libraries 3

Made For You!

-Perfect for music producers that thrives on full, clean 808 sounds.

-Created for YOU!.. No more searching for the perfect 808, we got it.

-Comes with wav files for those who don't own Kontakt.

-Check out the video below putting 808 GODS/Kings to the test.



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