Key Vocals 2 Kontakt Library

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Key Vocals II Kontakt Library !

Key Vocals II is filled with more effects and variety of vocals from the previous version! 100+ Ambient, smooth, distorted & creative vocals to add to your tracks!






Key Vocals II ...

Each vocal has at least 1 dry and wet version, the samples will be synced to the D.A.W you're using to host kontakt 5. Un-syncing or changing tempos can also be easily achieved, video demo below will demonstrate how. 





Key Vocals II Kontakt Library Run Down...

-Dry samples
-Ambient samples
-Distorted samples
-Creative samples
-Vocal Chops

-Male & female vocals
-Steel drums
-20 Bonus instruments



FX include:

Amp envelope, filter envelope, filter, custom reverb.
Delay, eq, phaser, distortion, lfo & saturation.

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  1. Bryan

    pre ordered

  2. Rain

    Perfect timing, dope samples.

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