Fl Studio 12 Mixing Template



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Fl Studio 12 Mixing Template (Fl Studio Only)

2 versions "STOCK PLUGIN" & "3RD PARTY PLUGIN" Versions

**Third Party Plugins Used - Waves,  New Slate Digital Mix/Master/FX Bundle, Sound Toys

-1  mixing template you can load into Fl Studio as a starting point for your next mix.
-Routing with dedicated subgroups
-A separate mix- and master bus are already set up and assigned 
-Large variety of EQs and Compressors will be applied to the different types of tracks. That makes a huge difference compared to just using the same processors on each instrument.
-4 Send/Return FX-busses with lots of previously secret crazy FX chains are already setup.

Require Fl Studio 12.5

Fl Studio 12 Mixing Template 2


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