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Emphasis Kontakt Library  was designed with a new approach to our sound design process. We used all new synthesizers & musicians and created amazing sounds we KNOW you'll love!









With Emphasis we took your "bread & butter" instruments (traditional sounds) and really thought outside the box on how we could design truly unique sounds.... And we did just that with this project!










-Over 180 Presets
-Unique sound design
-Ambient sounds, winds & more
-Great for a genres of music, GAME & FILM compositions as well!

Instruments include:


Ambient, arps, 808s, bass, bells, brass, loops
winds, strings, fx, synths, plucks
pianos, leads, pads & vocals




FX include:


Filter & amp envelopes, lfo controls, glide controls (mono, Leg.), glitch
e.q, hp & lp filter controls, phaser, delay, reverb, chorus & arpeggiator



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