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– BONUS* Comes with “License To Kill Drumkit”


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 Deck Head kontakt library is Next Level!

Deck Head is a perfect blend of down south trap and EDM trap music. Deck Head has deep 808's and basses all created from the ground up to give your music a unique sound not found any where else. We not only created trap sounds we also designed textures, gated and non gated pads to add an even bigger spark to your beat making process.









We came up with a great design for our arp page giving you full control over pitch and velocity, but that's not all..Check out the other effects.



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Instruments designed from the ground up.

These sounds are specially designed for Trap/EDM music. We took extra time to create and perfect these sounds dynamically to make sure samples were high quality.

Instruments include:


Tuned 808’s, Arps, Bass, Bells, Brass, Choirs, Guitars, Hits, Pianos, Leads, Pads, Gated Pads, Textures, Plucks, Rizer Fx & Strings.




FX include:


ADSR controls, Filter controls, LFO, Gate, Glide, Distortion, EQ, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, Reverb, & Arpeggiator.



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