Big Sauce Kontakt Library


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BigSauce Kontakt Library  runs on Kontakt full version 5.5.1 or higher


Video & downloadable demo link below!

Big Sauce Kontakt Library 2








BigWerks Big Sauce Kontakt Library!
This library contains some of our best work to date! With a ton of new sounds,  and  TWO drum kits filled with high quality, top notch sounds.









With a large variety of high quality sounds (Synth & Real Instruments) Big Sauce makes it easyto create your own wave of music.



Big Sauce Kontakt Library 3
Big Sauce Kontakt Library 4









Big Sauce has 9 instrument categories and an
easy to use & intuitive interface which makes tweaking sounds and
adding fx simple to do.

Instruments include:


Arps, bass, bells, guitars, hits
keys, plucks, synth leads, pads
2 Drum kits




FX include:


Amp envelope, filter envelope, lfo, filter, custom reverb.
Delay, distortion, phaser, EQ, chorus & arpeggiator.



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